Le Jas du Romarin

What can you visit in our area? Below you find links and photos.



Go to the sea, le cote d'azur

The beach by Frejus,.. etc


Visit la gorge du verdon

A wonderfull scenic pla, the grand canyon of europe.


The golf club Areol

Just visit the cafe or the restaurant,.. or go for a play in this great nature


The pitoresque small frenc villages... Callas, Bargemon, Clavier, Tourtour, Oups, etc

Callas, our own little town 2.5 km from us. Here you find 4 restaurants, 2 bars, Proxi(small food shop), petrol station, hair dresser, post office, wine shop. Bargemon you find 5 km further up the hills with more restaurants etc. and Clavier hidden in the hills also with bars and restaurants. For longer journeys you can go to Tourtour, called the village in the sky, and Oups, world center for famous truffels. Or go the other direction to Fayance, pittoresque village with an aerodrome for gliders.


Local markets with food and flee markets

Callas, Every saturday. Le Muy, every sunday. Etc Most markets are about food, meet, vegtables, cheese. But don't forget the "vide grenier" and regular flee markets.


Cultural things

Museums, concerts, war memorials, etc.

Horse riding

There are many horse places in provence and our area with woods make it ideal for a peacefull horseride.